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Here's more information about our Respite Care and Strong For Life Programs.

Respite Care

  • Catered Nutritious Meals

  • Indoor Activities
    • Exercise/Sittercise
    • Fun and Games
    • Movies and Music
    • Pet therapy
    • Projects
    • Sing Alongs and Social Hour
  • Outdoor Activities
    • Picnics
    • Walks in the Park
    • Offsite Activities
    • Concerts
    • Theater

  • For The Family Caregiver
    • 4 hour weekly break
    • Time for self renewal
    • Leaving your loved in a carefree environment
  • For Your Loved One
    • Time out in the community with others
    • Chance to make friends with people in similar situations
    • Time to be in a different environment
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Strong For Life

The Strong for Life exercise program is a strengthening exercise program specifically designed for older persons who have limitations in their daily activities. This exercise program can be individualized to the needs of the older person.

Strong for Life addresses beliefs and attitudes about exercise. Many of us believe that only the young benefit from exercise and that exercise may be harmful to our health. Researchers, however, have demonstrated that the lack of physical activity in older persons causes problems in being able to do regular day to day activities. In fact, it has been shown that inactivity is a greater danger than the risk of exercise in older persons.

Strong for Life targets specific muscles that are important in every day movements such as getting out of a chair and walking. Elastic bands are used to provide resistance for strengthening muscles during the exercise.

It is never too late to begin an exercise program, no matter what your age.

The Strong for Life program was developed under the Boston University-Roybal Center for the Enhancement of Late-Life Function with support from the National Institute on Aging.
This program is offered at Woodmere & Halls Corners Senior Housing Units. Back to the top

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